Book & Video

Hunting the osage bow

An illustrated manual that leads you step by step to building a classic wooden hunting bow. Richly illustrated, it covers what you need to know from selecting a tree to applying the finish.

160pp, Paperback
$19.95 + $5.50 S&H

Hunting the Bamboo-Backed Bow

Shows the construction techniques for several backed bow styles – straight-limbed, reflexed, reflexed/deflexed and recurved. Covers the course, from the selection of materials to specialized toolmaking, including instructions for creating inexpensive and rugged kids’ bows from rattan. It also includes a list of supply sources for materials and tools.

75 minutes, DVD
$29.95 + $5.50 S&H

Tillering the Bamboo/Osage Blank

A new pamphlet available from the Bowyer's Edge™. Guides you through the sequences of tillering your bamboo blank by adapting the faceted approach first featured in Hunting the Osage Bow. This pamphlet provides you with a tillering program. It illustrates through a sequence of over 12 photographs and a complementary text the work methods for achieving the perfectly tillered bow, step by step. A wonderful companion bridging the book and the video. Clear, detailed, precise.

To supplement the text of the pamphlet, we have reproduced the illustrations on the website as an Aid to Tillering Pamphlet, corresponding by photo numbers to those appearing in the text, so they may be viewed in greater detail.

$12 ppd.