Tips for Stalking with the Wilderness and the Stealth

Stalking or packing in with this quiver is a delight. Most of the time it rides naturally in a nearly vertical position off to your side and behind you, out of the way of fanny and back packs, tree stands or climbers, yet always accessible. Negotiating your way through tough brush? Simply grab the broadhead hood with your free hand and point it into the brush as find your way through. The single strap slides readily across your shoulder when you need it to, and returns the quiver to the vertical position when you push it back. Need to get down on your hands and knees or belly crawl? Simply pull on the tag end of the Cherokee lace strap to shorten it as you bring the quiver around to your front and it's out of the way. In one quick motion, even if you have to get down hurriedly, the quiver pulls right up to your chest with the hood pointed forward—secure, wobble free, noiseless, out of the way of overhanging branches, and readily available for the moment of truth.

Even discounting the quality of its materials and craftsmanship, the way this quiver accommodates itself to the hunting archer's needs is sufficient reason to consider it the best big game hunting quiver on the market.

Good Hunting! – Dean